Engagement Shoot Tips and Tricks for Brides and Grooms

Engagement shoots are an exciting experience for a couple, and one of the things you don’t want to happen while shooting is to do it the wrong way. This is an occasion that marks an important day in the life of two people in love and you should strive to give them the best. Engagement shoots offer a perfect way to spend amazing time before the big day and allow the photographers to each other before the wedding day. It is an opportune moment to prepare for the wedding shoot. To get the most out of an engagement shoot, you should consider these ideas as a couple.


Think about the location

Location is the first thing you need to consider when you are preparing for an engagement shoot. Your choice of a location should include a place that is meaningful to both of you, and it should also have backdrops to enhance the experience and look of things. This could include farms, lakes, villages, beaches, and city centers, all which will make perfect backdrops that will complement your theme for that day. Don’t also forget to think seasonally, so if the shoot falls on autumn you should take advantage of the orange and red trees.


Throw in some activities


Make it livelier by throwing in some activity. You could try something both of you enjoy, and in this case, there is no limit to what you both can choose. Just look for something fun and natural to do and you will not only create nice engagement shoots but also get yourselves a perfect treat for the day. You could ride a horse, or even hire a tandem bike to add props to the shoot. A picnic would also do to make the experience more enjoyable while helping to create nice photos.


Clothing and colors


When doing an engagement shoot you want to create an image that unifies you, and one of the best ways to achieve this is getting clothes that help to unify you in the shoots. It’s advisable to wear color instead of plain blacks and whites that can appear harsh. Your choice of clothes should also be made based on the environment in which you are shooting the photos. Make sure to choose clothes that blend well with the environment to bring out the best.


Add props


There are many ideas as far as props go. For example, when you go on a picnic you might consider carrying with you a picnic blanket that blends well with the environment and the theme you have chosen for the day. Props will help to make the photo stand out by adding a statement to the scene and helping to reiterate the mood of the day.


If you are considering doing an engagement shoot, you should try to be a little bit different. Take time with your partner to plan about the shoot so you can decide on the venue, clothes to wear, and the kinds of props to include.

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